Radio Tanda

Nonstop Argentine tango tunes for you!

Daily Schedule


To comply with U.S. DMCA laws for streaming music, we play 3 hours of traditional music, followed by 1 hour of alternative and modern-orquesta music, and then repeat. Here's a list of when those time slots start:

Tango Classics (traditional)

03:00-06:00 UTC
07:00-10:00 UTC
11:00-14:00 UTC
15:00-18:00 UTC
19:00-22:00 UTC
23:00-02:00 UTC

New Sounds (modern orquestas and alternative)

02:00-03:00 UTC
06:00-07:00 UTC
10:00-11:00 UTC
14:00-15:00 UTC
18:00-19:00 UTC
22:00-23:00 UTC

Note that in order to satisfy DMCA rules, you may also hear an alternative song in the traditional programming here and there.

No matter the program, every song indicates which dance it's for — just look for the T (tango), V (valse) or M (milonga) image next to the song title!

This is an expensive experiment. Please help fund it!

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